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Christmas Help Available

Santa Paws started this conversation
Unfortunately, our program Santa Paws for Christmas Gifts for Children is not active anymore.

Happy Holidays!
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Desperate disabled father of f   in reply to JennieC
I am a terminaly disabled father of four with who has recently recieved custody of my granddaughter of seven months I only draw enough $774.00 a month that just keeps a roof over our heads and diapers any help would be a God send I can not even afford anything for my children for Christmas if I tried to get help but I was either to late or my children are to old they are twelve fourteen and sixteen my youngest is a boy and my oldest two are girls please HELP. I don't know wat else to do this site popped up on my phone and I figured it was a shit in the dark but it must have popped up for a reason.
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There's no help out there for teenagers
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princes106   in reply to princes106
I started a go fund me but haven't got any help
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Looking for help for my 16year old daughter with disabilitys got sick and can't wk had to go on disability I have so much pain so can't wk all programs stop at 13als she wants is a 7ft tree and a present her bday is the 21 happy holidays
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I need help giving my kids a Christmas my husband and lost his job and iam trying get disability I have 4 kids please if anyone can help
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Radiant30   in reply to JennieC
Defensive because l I only want to intelligently give directly to the person in need instead of a go between who is not an established non profit & of whom I sincerely wished a God bless... is a huge red flag. Just saying.
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JennieC   in reply to Radiant30
look I am doing or trying to do good here I don't need to be bashed for trying to help! We need more people trying to help, rather than bash and make fun of people trying to do good! It is not a joke I have been down and out and I know what it is like not to have anything! This is why I am doing this! I am a single Mom of three kids!
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JennieC   in reply to Radiant30
I am in charge of the whole operation!
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Radiant30   in reply to JennieC
I'd rather give directly to whomever you find & I can verify then to someone in charge of giving to families...thanks. May God bless every good endeavor.
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Radiant30   in reply to sonshinesas
5-6000 please don't buy any trees & toys lol! Please give pay a bill for them like mortgage, electricity, then food medical then last toys & trees.
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JennieC   in reply to sonshinesas
As it states I have a goal of 5 families, If all funds are raised I would be able to help a whole lot more than 5, I just stated a goal. I would assist bigger families with Christmas dinner, gifts a tree everything they would need!
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sonshinesas   in reply to JennieC
That is wonderful but I would hope with 5-6,000 dollars you could assist way more than 5 families, not sure what you plan on buying them?
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Hi I am currently in search of some donors to help less fortunate families for Christmas 2015 I have created a go fund me account for this, if you can donate any little bit helps there's a lot of kids that go with out for Christmas I would like to keep the magical meaning of Santa alive for all the little one especially, there is a lot of kids Santa doesn't visit and its heart breaking!! My goal is 5 big families if all funds are raised I would be able to help a lot more PLEASE HELP US OUT!! This is a great way to give back you can follow my link I have provided at the end of this message I hope you can help out like I said any little bit helps!!

follow this link,

Thank you for your support and god bless

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woman in a shoe   in reply to Deella38
U welcome
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Deella38   in reply to woman in a shoe
Thank you so much
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Deella38
Hi santa paws.not been on here in.years. all resources have stop taking applications for this year. The only this i can tell u is try this shop with.a police officer so call your police station and see if they got this program also fire halls so call your fire station and see if they help also listen to your radio some radio station help
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Hi I need help to make this Christmas the best for my girls and my grandson he is 1 I don't work I had to apply for SSI because I find out I have Lupus high bp I can't even get a tree if someone out here hear me I pray God put it in your heart tohelp My name is Melissa Sears
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Maryluna7   in reply to woman in a shoe
I need help
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LostMama   in reply to cw3
My dads side of the family is from there.
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I am a single parent. I am unemployed. I need help with legal costs. I was arrested without a warrant, without probable cause, and without a crime even being committed, then the police detained my children who are not and never were abused. They started a DCFS case and this whole thing has been full of evidence of their illegal activity from the beginning. All of the police’s charges were dropped and never prosecuted because I did nothing wrong and they knew it when they arrested me. The children's court decided to continue the detention of my children with nothing more than the false arrest and the social workers statement which was full of lies. There was and still is no proof or evidence of any kind being offered to the court or anyone else about my children being abused, but they won't let my family be. My children have been out of my home for 2 month now. My court appoint attorney is handling my case improperly and the judge has no regard for facts or laws. The DCFS and children’s court system is trying to screw me and my children out of our rights while violating our rights. The social worker is a pathological liar. It is just a mess. They are clearly not acting in the best interest of children and I don't want my children or anyone else’s to be their victims again. I need help to get a real lawyer and fight these injustices now. No one at the court or DCFS tells parents this but we only have 6 months to file a claim against what they are doing. They drag these cases out well past 6 months so that you don't even know what’s going on with your own children until it’s too late to tell on their illegal activity and inappropriate behavior. I do not want to assert my right to remain silent in this matter. I want justice for me and all the other families who are being victimized by this system. If they get 1 child in their system for their goal of 2 years they get $300,000 per year ($600,000) for that child, and keep this kidnapping and extortion ring alive. I have three children, and they look at my children as their opportunity to make $1.8 million dollars for their illegal activity. Our children should not be abused by this system for a financial incentive. These people are destroying innocent families and slandering good parents. They know what they are doing is wrong but they are actively cheating parents out of their rights to do anything about it. I want this to stop now. You can help by donating to a fund to secure legal counsel unrelated to this system to prosecute it. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

I need help. My family is being abused by the system and I need a lawyer. They think they can get away with it because I don't have money and I can't hire a real lawyer, but you can help. They have taken my children and even though they admit my children are not abused or neglected they wont release them because they are making money off of them being in the system. Now me and my children have developed emotional problems. I am a single parent and my children are my world. Everyone says I am a good mother and no one that know us can understand how this could happen, but it happens to people all the time. This government is supporting and enabling a system that kidnaps children for money and I want it to stop. They are supposed to be protecting children from abuse not causing it. Help by giving me money to get a real lawyer; one who isn't working with their system and making money by the system being so corrupt. If you know a lawyer who is willing to work pro-bono please alert them to this post.
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