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Christmas Help Available

Santa Paws started this conversation
Unfortunately, our program Santa Paws for Christmas Gifts for Children is not active anymore.

Happy Holidays!
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I'm in need help for Christmas and bills , I draw a disability check and isn't much it is only 770 a month . I have no car and no money to get my family anything for Christmas , it is very sad and I don't know what to do can u help me please .god bless you.
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I am looking for some christmas help to keep a smile on my sons face. He is 8 and my one and only. I have been out of work for a year and my savings is gone. Please help
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famof6   in reply to Mommyward3
Call 211 or go to They can help provide information for Christmas Assistance
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Mommyward3   in reply to christmas santa
Hi I have 3 children 4,2 &1 I have no income n my bfs job is very slow in the winter so we r really scared tht our kids will not have a Christmas n I don't want tht to happen I have been doin anything n everything to come up wit ways for them to have the best Christmas but I am running out of options if u could help id appreciate it a lot if not god bless n u r an amazing person for wag u r doin for others :)
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apple33   in reply to janetta
We need help for Christmas food and clothes andI make 730 a moth social security and broke my leg in a scooter accident my husband got hurt too has not been able to work
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Dj sha   in reply to janetta
Santa Paws hasn't been online in years
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please i need help for christmas 3 grandkids and ther mom just move in i only get 884 montly income please we really need help
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I am the adoptive mother of 3 children I am a cancer survivor but unfortunately the bills are really high as I do not have medical insurance and along with the rest of my bills I wont be able to give my kids a Christmas this yr I have 2 girls and a boy ages 9 10 and the boy is 7if any 1 can help I would appreciate anything u can do thanks im in nc
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Bean1977   in reply to tiffanniehodson
We are having a girl. I appreciate the generosity and I hope you find a family that has a little boy that can enjoy it. Thanks again
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tiffanniehodson   in reply to Bean1977
what are you guys having if its a boy I have tons of clothes and would love to help!
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Hello. I'm a disabled veteran that has no job but I am going to school to be a barber. I'm unable to work and my wife is pregnant with our 2nd child. Looking for some assistance for this Christmas and I'm not asking for much. My daughter is 3 yrs old and our new bundle of joy is due dec 18th. If anyone knows of a place where we can receive help please let me know. I have checked with the VA to see if they offer assistance and they told me they don't. Thanks, Anthony
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I hope all of you get help with christmas. I remember when I was little I never got much. Now that I am older its hard to even feed my children at christmas. I am just trying to instill in my children that its about celebrating with family and giving to others. I hope I can give my kids a christmas but most of all I hope we can give a little hope to someone else.
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hopefulfather   in reply to christmas santa
Hello. I think is great that you've chosen to teach your children this important lesson. I'm ashamed to admit that my family could use your help. Unimpressed i can find employment quickly, i fear my two kids will have a disappointing Christmas. Whatever happens, i wish you they're best. Keep up tube goodwork. 9854417
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I need help for my two children. Girl 7 years and teenage boy. I am having a hard time financially this year. I am a disabled single mom that is trying really hard. I need help with presents and some food. Its really hard at this time of year. I pay the rent and the bills and there is nothing left over. It is heartbreaking at Christmas.
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I'm single mother of 4 in need of christmas help. I work part time. I don't get that many hours. I'm struggling trying to keep the bills pay and put food on table at the same time.
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Hello, my name is Brittany I am a single mother of two beautiful boys ages 3&4 with autism, and a full time college student at ivy tech studying to become an Elementary School teacher. We are having a rough time money wise for now, but that's only until I get this degree and change our lives. But for now things are really bad as my car just went on me two days ago and is costing me $1,000 to fix but I HAVE to fix it because of me being in college and both of my boys needing to be drove to constant dr. apts. and therapies. That was all the money I had period saved up. So it looks like Christmas just isn't going to be possible this year for us if anyone reads this and it touches your heart and you'd like to help in anyway with gifts, I would be forever in debt to you. I have been praying about this and I believe reaching out for help is although tough to do the best thing to do for my kids.
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i am a single mother of 7. i was relocated due to a domesic violence situation and i have yet to find a job n christmas is around the corner..i just dont want my children to suffer bc of my poor life choices
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Maggie78   in reply to christmas santa
You and your family are amazing! What you are teaching your children is exactly what more parents need to do, even if they can't go to someones home and deliver gifts, teaching them to be giving and empathetic is so important:) The compassion that instills lasts a lifetime. I myself have taught my children how to give and be selfless, unfortunately I'm not in a position to do so right now.You are going to make a family out there so happy and they will never forget what you do for them. God bless!!!!
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christmas santa
I would like to find a family in the Indianapolis area that needs help with Christmas this year. Our family would like to buy for your children and have our children deliver the presents in person to your family. I would like to spread the Christmas cheer this year and also show our children the gift of giving. Please email me if you need help
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I am on ssi and we dont make that much monney my house takes most of my money and my wife pays the rest weneed help.this year
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