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Christmas Help Available

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 in response to Anonymous40784...   sitting here alone at christmas and having nothing just thinking
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     I am a single mother to a beautiful 9 monthold girl named Llilliana.I Wanted to make her first christmas specail but i am struggling so much I cant even afford to buy myself a winter coat, but it is not aout my i cant afford to get her 1 present.If anyone knows where i can get help please email me

  Thank you

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hello im a single mother of 7 wonderful children ages 22 shes married happily w/ my 3 beautiful grandaughters i call my second child  son 17 almost graduating soon3rd daughter 14 in school loving n big heart 4th child is 11 conceived the month my only brother i had unexpectidly passed away at the age of 24 and 8 months later was one mnth premature is the 4th child/son  who is a loving caring most big hearted and respects all elders gabriel 5th child  is 7 yr old son brian joseph aka joey who seems to be in middle and always feeling piked on but is just young still 6th child son is 4 and has so much love and is happy with anything gives respect n expresses love always big heart and last but not least my baby girl who is 20 months old very smart loving adorable and is a sponge who wants to learn im single struggling and have no tree or even a single gift for none of them or my 3 grandaughters one income pay bills food and nessesities they have theyre needs but deserve to experience recieving theyre wants theyre great kids who are hurt from the seperation of our breakup of mom and dad/ i always had growing up both parents  father and mother of dad bein the provider wrked everyday mon-fri even on weekends yrly vacations holidays love laughter fun joy of gifts dinner and unity.sad n sorry to say i never imagined when marrying planning family that id be raising on my own struggling the way iam and it hurts i wnted what i had as a child for my kids as well and to only have one another one thing i know i do got and still give and reassure them is that i love them dearly and am here always love conquers all . who they are was Gods gift to them what they make of theyre life is theyre gift to God and i know Hes proud of the creation in each one of them.So am i.Im blessed everyday to have them even though everyday is a struggle n hard.Im gratefull for them and to have our health and holidays is not something we have to have yes i want to see them feel and experience what i had growing up .but except the things i cannot change its what it is.....but if any one who reads this and know where i can go to help them have a xmas this year please call...mother sheila frank @ 409)9906874 new to stockton bay would appreciate info on how what i can do for them becuz this year has been ruff very fuff and they deserve it..thank you for your time and patience and interest of cont.or starting of making this comment catch your eye to care enough to read thanks once again

ms. frank

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hello, i dont even know where to start, fisrt off, we are a family of 6, 4 kids, 4, 11, 12, 14. right now we are living off of 356.00 dollars a week.i never imagined myself searching to no avail on help with husbad is in construction, and in these cold months it is so very hard to find work, let alone the economy. we have tried salvation army, social services, toys for tots and various churches all wit a dead end. it is so very depressing. my kidss arent even asking for anyting expensive because they know of our money situation.i just dont know what to do anymore. and we were a hard working family who hae managed for 12 years. and the loss of one jo has drained us.for myself, it doesnt really matter, but to see my kids on christams morning, with odds and ends from the dollar store is heartbreaking.they already know i cant afford the things they really like and what makes it even harder is this will be thier for holiday without their grandmother who always made sure she helped as mich as she could.i ve tried everthing and gone everywhere and dont know what to do anymore. if you can help or point me in the right directioj i will forever be n your debt. please..i am begging.


elizabeth castro 704-222-4268

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 in response to MajicKissez...   



I will pray for you all.  Just know that if you believe and trust in the good lord, he will supply all of your needs.  You are doing his work with them babies anyhow.  Do not stress about the presents.  My children will have very little this year as well.  It could be a lot worse couldn't it? We could be on the streets, hungry, or seperated from them.  Make sure that at dinner time this year, you all talk about the important things.  That presents are fun but if you cannot give at least you all have each other.  Trust in god he will supply.... he is in the blessing business.  We half to believe and know that maybe it will not happen right when we want it to, but on his time.  We cannot appreciate the good times, until we have experienced the bad.


In my thoughts and prayers,


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 in response to jlo8441...   

I am in a desperate situation myself.  I have found serenity though in knowing that me and mine are all safe, healthy, warm and full.  Some children are homeless, some are seperated from their parents, and it could be a lot worse.  So my children will not have much to open, but at meal time, we will discuss the things in life that are truly valuable.  However, we cannot appreciate the good times until we have experienced the bad.  How bad is this really though? It is material things.  Trust in god that he will supply our needs.

 God bless


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 in response to desperate16...   

God is good all the time.  This may actually be one of our worst Christmas' ever.  I do know this, my children may each get one very small item to open.  I just sat down and explained to them what it is really all about.  They seemed to understand pretty well.  The good lord has blessed us all with a warm place, plenty of food to eat, and good health.  Like you said, faith will keep us warm.  I agree, if we all put it in the lord's hands, he will supply all of our needs.  Anyhow, we cannot make things happen on our time, we need to let things happen when the lord is ready.  I think that the older our children get the easier it is to explain what we are to really be thankful for.  If we never experience the bad times, it would be a lot harder to appreciate the good times.  Good luck to you and yours, and god bless. 

 In my thoughts and prayers,


Talk to Michelle1441

On a sad note I feel comfort knowing I am not the only one desperate for help is such hard times. As a single struggling mom who is currently a f/t student know it is physically hard to wake up everyday hoping for a miracle. I just hope that all those out there in the same situation as myself, i know it may not be easy but try to have faith. Faith is the only thing that seems to give me enough to wake up and keep going everyday. Not to mention no one will or could ever love my children like myself.

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mrs jones
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 single mom in desperate help of providing my kids with christmas presents

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Jeannie Bug
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Santa Paws is not working for 2009 - just to let everyone know....another dead end for us with no hope in sight


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I didnt see where the application was?

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 in response to imgrandma12...   best of luck
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the only thing I truely want for christmas is some one to help me move form albuquerque to cedar rapids iowa

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 in response to mirandakay...   


Please check my blog

for Christmas gift ideas plus and much more information is there for Christmas and other needs...

Best to you 


Talk to Starshine

Does anyone know where i can get assistance this late for christmas for my 2 year old son. I am a single mom and a full time college student. His dad is not in the picture. i would do anything if anyone could please let me know.

 God Bless,

Miranda Kay

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new orleans
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Hello my name is Sarah, I am 27 years old.. Here is my story.. My fiance(44) and I recently accquired custody of his two grandchildren a 5 year old boy and a 3 year old girl.. Due to a CPS call on their mother for neglect and abuse. last year in september the children were placed in our care. It was a big shock, but we more than welcomed them into our home.. We are now living in West Seattle in a 2 bedroom home, but at the time we were not prepared for it.. We make sure the children have food and clothes and give them plenty of love and attention... My fiances hours had been cut from work, and I recently got laid off from my job as a nursing assistant.. We also were just informed that our landlord wants to sell so we have to be out of our home by january 30th, which is right around the corner.. We have no extra money to purchase anything for christmas, I know they are only children and probably dont understand anyways, but I would love for them to have a wonderful christmas just like I did when I was a kid..  Thanks so much to anybody who is willing to help... Sarah

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